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Tear gas



Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.


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San Francisco Police shoot & kill 19 yr old

Warning: the video is graphic.

Yesterday, at 4:45 p.m., SFPD shot a teenager who fled during a fair inspection on a Muni light rail car. The cops claimed that he was armed and had fired shots at them first. After the suspect was shot in the back, no gun was found. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar? 

Seriously though, you shot a 19 yr old over a $2 fair? And he later died in the hospital, all because he didn’t pay a $2 fair & you assumed he had a gun. Back up arrived before an ambulance did. No back up was needed. There were already other cops on the scene, some even carrying assault rifles.  The man was on the ground fighting for his life. That moment in the video where he struggles to even attempt to get up is some of the most chilling video I’ve seen. Ever. 

It’s okay though right? America will probably ignore this & move on to some more mindless crap,  as is usually the case. I’ve seen it before with the Oscar grant case, Sean bell, James Brissette, and countless others. When will this country’s collective conscious wake up?

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Why are people bringing their young children to the Ferguson protests?? With the threat of tear gas and violence ever-present I don’t understand why one would think it a good idea to bring children. You can educate your kids without exposing them to that risk.


Idgaf I’d bring em. There were young children marching in the 60s getting bit by dogs, stomped on by horses, placed in jail and worse. The entire community (including kids) should witness and be apart of what going on.


ha i am really sick of non-black people of color trying to act like mike brown’s murder, and the extrajudicial murders of black people in the us, stems from “racism” and not anti-blackness and the criminality ascribed to black people and lack of worth ascribed to black lives

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